tumblr sickfic. Timkon sickfic pt 2 (thanks so much to the anon who brought this up! I’m pretty insecure about my writing, and didn’t plan to do a second one because I wrote the first on a whim when I was sick, but I just had to write another because i love my boys and I love writing sickfics with fluff at the end. He had already interviewed both the dead woman's husband and her gardener. Humanity in a Handbag Sonic the Hedgehog: sickfic headcanon. Mano’s Picrew! Petit violence maker. + When their son gets sick, TK feels guilty for not realizing how serious it is sooner. tommy's sick (like, literally just a cough) but dream starts freaking tf out and assumes tommy's dying bc he doesnt understand mortals and stuff. constellation system's sideblog for sickfic+related miscellany (emeto, stuffing, wg; no scat or omo). I've written a bunch of sickfics (most of which involve vomit) on my tumblr, and I thought I'd put them up on here for anyone who's interested. But suddenly Romi's stomach gave a deep gurgle, and he was once again leaning over the toilet. I'm a university student of 24 and I'm like totally into sickfics, so this blog is dedicated to that. B said, sitting down next to A and placing a hand on their shoulder. Sickfic, whump, humor, fluff: Co-written with xxx-cat-xxx! Death by Waffles: When Tony decides to adopt a cat for Morgan, Peter is almost more excited about it than the six-year-old. Lonesome Dreams by whatname0523. New Beginnings (Not Sickfic) Tate-Burpy stomach bug (AKA the fic with 200+ notes because of our lovely pornbot friends from back in the day) Awkward bug. you can find me on AO3 and fanfiction. Sickfic Tumblr Discover more posts about bangtan sickfic. On the right hand side is the list of prompts in order: Sickfic, Tarot, Trinket, Crossover, Vacation, Historical, and Horror. Anonymous asked: helloo !! i love ur works so much and i hope ure having a good day !! im just hopping in really quickly to ask if you know/recommend any other blogs that post haikyuu sickfics. Okay, so this is a 536 word Stucky sickfic thing that I wrote. Open a window to let in fresh air. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Bro stood up for a moment and got Dave a Dixie cup filled with cold water. Playlist of My Heart - ChaoticMasterpiece - The Owl House (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own] An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Character B works at a clothes store. “You’re suggesting that we make some comments, implying that he seems rundown, and maybe make him physically sick as well?” Seokjin nodded. They wondered if maybe they should put an end to the Bangtan Boys. Synopsis: The youngest in the pack Jungkook, still has a lot to learn. doesn’t want his baby to ever be sad or upset and feels his heart breaking into pieces because you’re so amazing and don’t deserve whatever’s happening at all. Kaoru is a man of reasonable height and stature who's. i also hope i don’t have to say this, but please, please don’t make sickfics based on this virus. this is MY sickfic I get to choose the symptoms. Also, if Bradley’s reaction seems overkill, keep in mind that he has some issues of his own regarding childhood abuse from his mom. •han jisung •ot8 •[ take a rest hyung ]. He’s just given his last two hundred pounds to pay his rent. Off the top of my head: under pink skies by wnnbh12. You are a really good writer and if you can or have the time to make more Adrien Agreste sickfics I would definitely suggest it :). Vocal affection shit: -murmuring reassurances (It’s gonna be okay, you’re alright, you’re safe) -soft singing to help them sleep. deadinparadice Depression Hotline:1-630-482-9696. On one hand, I've been in tumblr's sickfic community for years, and I've had people tell me my blog inspired them to start their own sickfic blog. A skilled skater and founding member of "S", he uses his AI board to skate in a calculated and logical fashion. This week will take place February 22nd through February 28th. perfect fics by other people… i definitely have MANY to rec but i will do something i’m reading right now and then a couple older favorites!. ultimate bts sickfic rec poor-baby-bangtan: “This is my ultimate fic rec for probably every bts fanfiction I have ever read. stray kids reactions: comforting you when you’re sad. ” “Drink your orange juice or face the. My name is Minerva (Not like McGonagall) I am 25 years old. Or cough really loudly if that's easier. A collection of all my short one-shots (mainly from Tumblr). See more posts like this on Tumblr. They were in a relationship but not quite on 'share the bed' grounds yet. Made a Mess: probably a scat fic since it's been awhile. When some heroes and villains (Fubuki, Garou, Genos, King, Sonic, Mumen) get sick from the flu going around, for reasons unknown, they all end up in the same location; Saitama's apartment. Sickfic Prompt: Road Trip 2 characters, A and B, arguing about directions while on a road trip, they're totally lost and don't know where they're going. His skin was cold but yet he felt like he was. I’ve got a pretty good collection so far 😚. A Sickfic a Day Keeps the Doctor Away 5/16: Bangtan’s Baby. graceknowsirondad asked: Would you be able to write an irondad sickfic, with Peter getting sick in the lab. MY SICKFICS AVAILABLE ON AO3: Haikyuu!! ( don’t) hold it (sick Yamaguchi) not a burden (sick Bokuto) more than enough (sick Tsukishima) catch me (sick Sugawara) of dirty stalls and aching guts (sick Kenma) hay fever (sick Kawanishi) asthma attack (sick Kawanishi) roller coaster (sick Semi) alone, for the better… or not (sick Kenma). Extremely nauseous characters gagging and burping into their fist to try and keep from being sick. if you’ll just follow me to the suggestion box its …. ” The younger five members stared at Seokjin somewhat dumbfounded. A character sneezing from colds and allergies is great, but I present: the character who is soooo sensitive that they don't actually need to be in the presence of an actual trigger to make them have to sneeze. While they're yelling at each other they. sickfic sideblog — “Poor thing your belly is really upset” and. most likely to overeat and get a stomach ache. Sickfic Scraps #3: Let Me Feel Your Forehead MasterpostContext: Part of the beginning to Sickfic Scrap #1, Delirious. [1] characters A and B are high school sweethearts, middle school if you want to get technical. namgi: airsickness = puking + …. underrated things in sickfic: dropping things. Anonymous asked: Hey, I loved your Miraculous Ladybug sickfic and I was wondering if you were going to write more. oh, and dream keeps insisting on staying close to tommy the. Larry Stylinson fanfiction. the most self-indulgent sickfic you can write… basically a free day, because you deserve it! :) sleepless; pets are the best medicine; everything hurts; sick while traveling; too many responsibilities to take a day off; enemy/rival as caretaker; sick while sleeping; stomach bugs have the worst timing; can't keep anything down. Got some more bees! Trying something new out, hope you all enjoy the ride!. Character B is said friend’s sibling. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; my. He's injured and needs help but Rip wants nothing to do with his past self. OC Sickfic (Sick!Bradley, Cade, Cooper, Rowan, and Dylan) Okay, so I'm gonna start rebuilding my blog with this sickfic I've been working on the past week or so, hope ya'll enjoy! This was literally 13 Word pages help. Guide Me to the Sun–(Quirkless AU, shoulder injury, brief hospital stay, some sickfic content, injury to animals, brief vet clinic scene) Shouta is an aerial acrobat, grounded by a serious injury and facing the possibility of an end to his career. Good thing for her a special someone is there to take care of her. Archie took the Pokéball and tossed it into the air. in a small pot, heat sugar, water, and strawberries until boiling. I’m so grateful for you amazing amazing amazing. okay! quick lesson for a bunch of you new tumblr users who i’m pretty came here from tiktok! the tags are for content filtering, not just exposure. PRO TIP FOR THE SICKFIC + WHUMP COMMUNITY Have you managed to read every single fic listed on ao3 as “sickfic” or “hurt/comfort” for all your favorite fandoms, but …. “Well, I need it, so could you go and check?”. okay i just want to make a quick post about this. Their phone is held limply in their hand, and when the caretaker peeks at the screen, they see that the sick character was …. 9 times out of 10, Minho babbles absolute nonsense in his sleep. I’m doing a newmann sickfic and Hermann’s bedside manner starts and ends with emulating a cast. AUS - Musicals/Movies/TV shows/Games/Books: - Whispers of the Heart (Studio Ghibli). I watched as my older brother lurched over, coughing, almost biting the thermometer in two. Picture this: your imagination is a match…and you need to light it. Prompts are now listed below! Originally posted by dual-mayhem. if you like my writing, feel free to make requests on my tumblr accounts! my fanfiction sickfic tumblr account @casper-and-their-sick-fanfiction i also have an oc sickfic tumblr account @casper-and-their-sick-ocs my main is @smolsickficwriter and i have a collab hq!! sickfic account @vollyball-illnesses. url is a lie, Todoroki's gay af See more posts like this on Tumblr. My original blog is @dudadragneel I may …. ” She could see the concern on his face, but he did as she asked. With everything King knows Saitama to be capable of; impermeable to and unyielding in the face of, stomach flu was not his highest rated threat, but apparently it’s quite the foe for even the one-punch man. This is a collection of fairly short Avengers sickfic drabbles. #chicago fire #kelly severide #matthew casey #a-z #whump #a z challenge #chicago fire whump fanfiction #chicago fire whump #chicago fire fanfiction #sick!casey #sickfic #sick matthew casey #vomiting #christopher herrmann #chief boden More you might like. Put them in an armchair close to a fireplace. Can you write a sickfic for ryota mitarai? (Only if ur comfy with it :) ) I am more that okay with this request! I hope you enjoy it Anon! And …. "So it starts, We go back to your house. I made an emeto sickfic generator! It’s a bit wonky and a lot of the combos might not make sense, but hey I hope it’s at least fun or at least kinda inspires you. Favorites will be starred and notes will be added occasionally. "Well, I need it, so could you go and check?". Two, his stomach was doing strange flips at the thought of exertion. Welcome to the Malina fanfiction archives! Below you can search the fics that better gets your interest. add ¾ cup of milk to each glass, stir, and add strawberry syrup if desired. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Komahina is the slash ship between Nagito Komaeda and Hajime Hinata from the Danganronpa fandom. With a heave, he let loose a torrent …. Level 1: the kind of chills that signal something’s not right - so low key that they’ll likely just bump the heat up a notch, grab an extra layer, or curl around a mug of something warm. one date night goes wrong and now A finds themselves pregnant and having to juggle school and their new found pregnancy. an opinion on a couple songs doesn't represent the person's opinion on the artist as a whole. requests are open! check my what i'll write page for more details. ### Backstage is chaos, and he doesn’t see the rest of the boys until the five of them are being directed into the car that’s going to take them to the hotel. 笠stuffed animals pets hugs first kiss. Asjskdjskd I’m glad we can agree that Bruce would just start hysterically sobbing when he gets the news that it’s a fairly easy process of removing the brain spleen but can we also agree that the batsibs would be torn between sweet relief and all encompassing rage. There are a number of different methods of setting a match ablaze to come …. Well, if you call being allergic to cats a curse. Additional Tags: angst with happy ending, Introspection, Grimmjow POV, Mentions Cannibalism, Sickfic, rated for language, and for where Grimmjow’s mind goes, After TYBW, Touching, gigai grimmjow, Some Humor, Grimmjow doesn’t like change, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, complicated feelings, One Shot. The snowflakes softly coating the wooden slats or tiles of roofing were reminiscent of icing sugar on top of a pastry treat. #my fic #natasha romanoff x reader #sickfic #marvel sickfic #marvel whump #whumpfic #requested #requests More you might like. Vic hung every Christmas decoration she could find and Travis thought he would suffocate in the tinsel and the candles. -A and B (playfully) fighting over what color scheme they should go with for the nursery. Specify the details of your chosen fandom and move the sliders depending on what type of story you're looking for. This is for @vickytokio who has been so patient in waiting for this moment. summary: Dan gets food poisoning while at the Lester's. Thompson: *plays Can you feel the love tonight on a kazoo. Remus, Janus, Patton, Logan, and Virgil supporting. i love!! sickfic dialogue and what it can say about the characters in very few words, but i know it can be hard to come up with different ways of conveying the same idea. ” He leans against the doorframe taking in TK and their little boy. You were about to speak when Lexi came and sat on the other side of Fez, “Sup, Lexi. theforgottendaydreamer · 5 months ago. Steve can tell from the minute Bucky walks through the door that something is wrong. “So it starts, We go back to your house. CW: Sickfic, feverish whumpee, sick whumpee, memory loss, BBU, past pet whump referenced, caretaker and whumpee. i also write some non 'illness related' fics that i might post on here, but this is just generally gonna be a sickfic blog. “Well it has been busy for you this week. Oh no my friends have given me AA sickfic brainrot. sideblog for illness, general hurt/comfort, and whump stuff. You laid on the side of the bed under the thin sheet you were covered with. The boys started to wonder how much longer they could keep going. She has blonde, curly hair styled like a hollywoods starlet, tan, freckled skin, and a slight build. Tumblr Sickfic Promps TrueRomantic. Romi made a soft whimpering sound. #the beatles #paul mccartney #stomach flu #the beatles 1964 #sick #sicknario #poor baby #sickfic prompt #Youtube. I made an emeto sickfic generator! It's a bit wonky and a lot of the combos might not make sense, but hey I hope it's at least fun or at least kinda inspires you. Bakugou's powers don't work as well in the winter, which is why everyone is surprised when one day during hero courses he causes an explosion that is way bigger than the ones he's been doing the past few weeks. if this isn’t how spiderman 3 starts i swear to god - 274 notes Jun 7th, 2020. Still, I’m not so sure it would actually go like this between them but who cares :). I’m picky about H/C; Very rarely sickfic or character death. He's rescued but leaves again, until he finally decides he's ready to come home. N3 - sickfic, @herohardshipsbingo read it here! He watched the rise and fall of Stephen’s chest—couldn’t stop watching the rise and fall of Stephen’s chest. Thanks to @yooniestummy for helping formulate the concept and giving me some ideas. You pick up the pieces and chat about the future. If you want to find a particular fic, have some suggestion or overall want to share something with this blog, please feel free to hit the ask button. Look At These Poor Sick Children. Hello, everyone! This is the masterlist for all of my Transformers headcanons. After a night of warm snuggles, Juliette and Warner realize that it’s snowing. It says child and it is a child but not like screams kid, great of sickfic enthusiast. could just be a common cold, could be the start of something bad. whumpee was hunched over in an alley way on a cold winter night, just before christmas. oh child-*pat pat* novemetober 2020 sickfic emeto tw emeto cw emeto emetophilia shit i’m feeling bad for a fictional character at six am i have school damnit submission 20 notes Nov 16th, 2020 Open in app. Had to include a bit with Hunk in the beginning, because I love Hunk. 25 year old Horror writer with a penchant for Characters in pain👁w👁🔪, find me on Ao3 under Butterballporknun where I post sickfics and take requests: Hello! I was scrolling through Tumblr when I found your blog and i love your fics so much. Throwing up on Christmas morning. I prefer emeto where it’s the person’s decision to give in and vomit, because that’s not something I can do. PRO TIP FOR THE SICKFIC + WHUMP COMMUNITY Have you managed to read every single fic listed on ao3 as “sickfic” or “hurt/comfort” for all your favorite fandoms, but still find yourself thirsty for. This was a fever that didn’t seem to break. I had to put some under the read. (There aren’t any spoilers in this, guys. Getting vertigo while ice skating. My TF Oneshots Masterlist and TF Series Masterlist can be found at the provided links. “Fine, just let me get you some medicine. namgi: bad leftovers = tummy upset + rubs. Which reminds me, you can check out Sunny's 12-page sickfic comic here. There were decorations everywhere And vic loved it. 11 notes | 3 years ago Tagged. i put this list together for my own reference, but someone else might find it helpful too, so here you go: "Are you alright?" "Your face is a little flushed. 1k words haikyuu sickfic exhaustion fever passing out haikyuu!! sickfic my writing sickfic suna rintarou inarizaki vbc inarizaki haikyuu!! haikyuu miya twins miya atsumu miya osamu kita shinsuke ojiro aran minor others. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; See more posts like this on Tumblr. He grabs blindly for something and ends up practically propped up against Suga, the third year blinking at him in surprise. This is an addition to the series I currently have, because basically, I just wanted to try writing a piece before the trio got comfortable as a pairing and its all still new and stuff. Minho sighed, deep and tranquil, and Jisung felt the exhale fan his fringe off his brows. BTS Sickfic Recs-ot7: appendicitis = bit of angst + bit of fluff + lots of puke. so guys, last night i decided to try out some laxatives i bought bc they were “extra strength” and i wanted some fun. I've sent in a ticket to staff about it, but in the meantime, if you've written a fic and we haven't queued it, please send a link of it to me (@paigenotblank) so I can reblog it. When some heroes and villains (Fubuki, Garou, Genos, King, Sonic, Mumen) get sick from the flu going around, for reasons unknown, they all end up in the same location; Saitama’s apartment. Camp Camp tells the story of Max, a jaded ten year old, who finds himself stuck at a dysfunctional summer camp run by a shady business mogul who is looking to turn a profit any way he can. It seems like this should exist and yet I’ve read none of it. Richard Ricky" Bowen is one of the main characters in the Disney+ Original Series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. "You're suggesting that we make some comments, implying that he seems rundown, and maybe make him physically sick as well?" Seokjin nodded. Sickfic, discussion of painful pasts, anxiety, panic attacks… Patrick-Centric Patrick's past, Rachel, hiking, generally figuring things out… Post-Canon Anniversaries, homes, honeymoons, anything after the finale… Proposals and Weddings Everything from talking about marriage to the wedding day… Pure Fluff. But sometimes, when he’s not slurring about Doraemon trying to have him for dinner, his sleep talking takes a different route. Apr 18, 2017 · prompts sickfic writingprompts There were supposed to be 50 of these, but I could only come up with 41. Peter stumbles away from the group of teenagers gathering at lunch tables in favour of the quiet bathroom stall outside the canteen. This is a sickfic/sneeze fetish/whump blog: illness, allergies, sniffles, nose-blowing, coughing, fever, caretaking, injuries, the whole nine yards. Anonymous : Pls write the allurance sickfic we need. Explore Tumblr posts for tag #felix sickfic - Tumbip. indecisive — currently brainstorming a karisa sickfic rn. **The Primary Reason Tony Stark Would Throw Down With an Anti-Vaxxer in the Street by caraminha Word count: 12,946 (1/1) Summary: Prompt from my Tumblr: Have you heard of tetanus? I'm studying it for school and it's got lots of angst potential - it causes severe, seizure like muscle spasms. finally made a blog for all the kinks. Ab6ix, Ateez, BTS, Day6, Enhypen, Got7, Kingdom, Lucy, Nu'Est, Omega X, Stray Kids, TXT, and Xdinary. Pure fluff set in IzunaIsAlive!AU. And so our scene begins… —— "Are you feeling okay?" Virgil blinked to reality from. got tired •emeto tw •tw emeto •kpop emeto •kpop. I’m also a huge Keith Urban fan. 50 Prompts! (Dialogue) ~Send up to 3 with a. The fight lasts for fifteen hours. Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé had a lot to deal with. Day 20 of #discovermmromance is upcoming release, and this is so upcoming it's actually here today! Time to celebrate 200 Instagram followers and 100 email subscribers ♡♡♡ Download a copy of Some Real Norman Rockwell Shit, A Hot Wire Holiday Tale, sign up for my mailing list (if you're already signed up, check your inbox), and get a chance to win an Amazon gift card!. My main is sneezyminniejo and over there is sickfic and hurt/comfort fic content. My general tag for most non-sickfic things like answering questions is ‘sickenedfiction speaks’ and anything with most of the cast is tagged with ’the crew’. Fevers in Warm Weather Prompts. warnings: none as of now, actually reader wears scrunchies but she’s not a vsco girl. Anonymous asked: Are you and sickiebangtan the same person? I see the "Rub My Back" series written on both blogs and I've always been confused about it haha xx. #rain #but for now #whump in the woods!! #fever whump #sickfic whump #lost in the woods #sickfic #sprained ankle #all that good stuff #so here's this instead #injury whump More you might like. If he thinks he’s sick, he might actually stay here for a day or two and rest. It was far too obvious to him, but he loved to keep John and Lestrade guessing. Mainly emeto, but also angst and other illness. But you’ve got to let us take care of you first. "Ahhh! No way!" Stef and Lena heard their daughter exclaim from upstairs; her frantic footsteps brought her down to the kitchen in record time. a character accidentally spilling the last of the water with shaking hands and getting yelled at. feel free to chat with me if you want. That is until his body finally decided to rid itself of everything inside it. this is MY sickfic I get to choose the symptoms. the juniors take storytelling into their own hands. he stayed with him until he woke up and felt better (the trainee said he woke up …. India Self Harm Hotline:00 08001006614. Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Magic, Hanahaki Disease, Flowers, Sickfic, Hurt/Comfort, Angst with a Happy Ending, Minor Akaashi Keiji/Kuroo Tetsurou Language: English Words: 15374 Chapters: 1/1 Collections: Haikyuu Rarepair Exchange 2020 Notes: For @whatevsunicorns. Creative writing prompts are the missing link all writers need…whether you’re writing for fun or looking to write an amazing novel and live full time off your fiction writing like students in our Fundamentals of Fiction program. -Tobirama slumps in his office chair, contemplating on committing the one act that is unheard of when considering his stubborn, prideful hide; defeat. sickficprompts: “ anonyony1: “ N. sorry for disturbing u, but I wanted to ask, when we'll be able to see a sickfic wia daisuke-dono? just waiting for it since 2020, ajahsjaha. Sonic the Hedgehog: sickfic headcanon. (My favorite CP sickfic, includes accurate medical/hospitalization which I always appreciate too) Reach Out For Our Hands - Lydia_E_Nheers - 5k, G Martin is at the end of his rope. Fever Dreams by Sashocirrione is a Death Note Light x L / L x Light fanfic where Light and L fall in love at the end of the Yotsuba arc and Light realizes that the Kira-plan isn't working-which leads to some. Thank you for your interest in. I'm so grateful for you amazing amazing amazing. body cams, further trainings, etc. Most of the fics focus on illness, but some stray away from that topic. “So are you-” he said, kissing you on the lips. “You don’t know that,” Adora groaned, sitting back. This is a sideblog where I focus on my Sickfics and reblog Sickfic related posts ♡ All my fics are written for my OCs. writing jill hurt/comfort rn no one speak to me. It was 11am and she still wasn't out of bed yet. accepting requests (but I'm slow) — MY SICKFICS AVAILABLE. … A prequel of sorts, it will make sense. At first, she tensed up and looked around with fear in her eyes, but Archie said, "I'm sorry about this. Guide Me to the Sun-(Quirkless AU, shoulder injury, brief hospital stay, some sickfic content, injury to animals, brief vet clinic scene) Shouta is an aerial acrobat, grounded by a serious injury and facing the possibility of an end to his career. A woman stands, tall and reedy from years of paddling canoes on the river, her eyes moon-white under Druig’s spell. I'm Est and this is my Sickfic blog. If he thinks he's sick, he might actually stay here for a day or two and rest. Explore sickfic-ari Tumblr blog with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience - Hi there! My name is Ari :) | 17 and non-binary |Writing . And so our scene begins… —— “Are …. I just need to get a wide option of authors to binge-read!. As much as he wanted to respond, he knew that trying to talk. Jeongin : will probably start crying. His insides have been doing flips all day and he knows he’s losing this battle against a stomach flu. sickfic, hurt/comfort, fluff, hair washing, pre-relationship, getting together, (almost), the tender longing of helping your incredibly hot and incredibly pouty best friend bathe. It may take me a while to upload everything I have so far, so if you'd like, feel free to check out my tumblr account @casper-and-their-sick-fanfiction. lucy asks are free because i’m greedy with them :) also if you’ve ever written a lucy sickfic you get a free pass to send me as many asks as you’d like, skz or otherwise :) just lmk who you are if it isn’t immediately clear from your username!. Summary: Tommy gets the bird flu and Phil quarantines him in the house, leaving Wilbur and Technoblade in charge while he finishes some papers. Sickfic Fanfiction and Stories. This got way longer than I ever expected it to be, but I loved writing it. coups jeonghan joshua hong jun wen junhui seungcheol hoshi soonyoung minghao the8 mingyu woozi jihoon wonwoo dk dokyeom seokmin chan dino vernon hansol seungkwan hurt comfort angst fluff. As such, to keep the site hosted and maintained we need more wonderful people like you to come visit, register, make cool stuff and share it. Bakugou’s powers don’t work as well in the winter, which is why everyone is surprised when one day during hero courses he causes an explosion that is way bigger than the ones he’s been doing the past few weeks. #sickFic prompts on Tumblr Mar 22, 2019 SickFic Sick Character Leo One Shot. But like, Lance having the stomach flu and Allura not knowing anything about what's happening with Lance. I've also go the following wips so let me know if there's something you'd like prioritized (I'm in a stuck spot with the last chapter of Home where I'm not sure if I want to rip the bandaid and just put it out there or elaborate and give an end that fits the rest of the pacing so I'm. #dialogue prompts #sickfic prompts #writing prompts #emeto #emetophilia #emeto fiction #vomit mention #vomiting #caretaking #sickee pov #requests are open #sickie pov More you might like. You've already sweat through that one. Aww, I got a request ^_^ Here you go. Both were caused by a Frontal Lobe brain injury. She is wearing an extravagent red robe with ruffles and a rhinestone clasp, and big flashy earrings. " The younger five members stared at Seokjin somewhat dumbfounded. asks how you’re feeling the next morning. She is the only one in the lineup whose primary color isn't a neutral tone. Anime & Manga Just For Fun Bnha Mha My Hero Academia Deku Katsuki Bakugou Denki Kaminari Somehow, you're the 1% that gets accepted into U. Sickfic is a popular fan fiction category which also sometime serves as a trope. An awkward lump of pillows supported his back, dipping slightly in the middle–ugh, he had allen asleep on the couch again. the only time i should see a post that has nothing to do with the tag i’m browsing is if a porn bot made it, and that’s a separate problem. 9% Immunity - (character) never gets sick, right?Wrong. “I’d watch that movie with you if I knew I wouldn’t cry during it because that really wouldn’t help my congestion. But sometimes, when he's not slurring about Doraemon trying to have him for dinner, his sleep talking takes a different route. Here is some Ichi sickfic for you, hope you enjoy! Warning for a brief mention of needles (drawing blood, very brief and non-graphic) under the cut: At first Ichimatsu didn’t give much thought to the fatigue and sore throat he’d been suffering through all day–it had been annoying, but he figured it was probably just allergies, and had. You can also share snippets of the generated story by highlighting it and choose "Share this quote". #thank you staff for the meme opportunity <3 /neg #owl hoots. I am a decent writer and enjoy writing stories. clownfish be like “i know a spot” and take you to a fucking deadly sea organism. Additional Tags: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Sickfic, Todoroki Shouto is a Good Significant Other, Midoriya Izuku Has Self-Esteem Issues, Sick Midoriya Izuku Series: Part 5 of Tododeku Week 2021 Summary: “I’m not sick, don’t worry about me,” Izuku said quietly. they were now in college and they attended the same university. Now he has no money, no food, and no job. I am able to be my true self around people on this app and that takes courage. WOMAN WHUMP! Some kink content so minors dni. •sick chan •tw insomnia •tw vomit •tw emeto •kpop emeto •emeto tw •tw throwing up •vomit tw •vomiting •skz sickfic •stray kids sickfic •sickfic •kpop sickfic •bang chan •seo changbin •lee know •lee felix •hwang hyunjin •kim seungmin •yang jeongin •i. Jin could feel Joon's bloated stomach cramping under his hand. The little fairy moans in pleasure and relief as rubs his overstuffed belly, prompting a steady flow of heavy, sick burps— that always smell like onions— out of his mouth. And if you’re into writing, you might want to check prompts. Heeeey!! I’m back, at least for the time being! This is a reverse au, which mean Connor and Hank have switched places. So It Starts (larry stylinson) by LushLarryTroyler on wattpad. Sickfic Starters; Sickie Sentence Starters: 1A. “We need to get you into a different shirt. Jayden didn't look up from his phone as he squeezed past, edging towards the kitchen in his underwear and dressing gown. He has a stomachache (Harry) You were sitting at home waiting for Harry to get home from the studio. Avengers; Brave, The; Brooklyn 99; Criminal Minds; Daredevil. (Pre-Sportarobbie) (Sickfic) On the Ninth Multi-chapter (4/??) The History of Robbie and Number Nine runs deeper than Sportacus ever knew. " Claudette shut their eyes, reaching for a grain of zen, and finding only more of the same sick, swirling discomfort in the pit of their stomach. Tommy is an immortal that has live for a long time, but he still retain the attitude and appearance of a 17 year old boy but he never expected himself to face such a dil fanfiction. Rubbing the sleep from their sore eyes, they fumbled their hand on the nightstand in search of their phone. See a recent post on Tumblr from @sarah-hadeschild about sickfic. “Woah woah woah, what’s wrong, Sunshine?” Nico shook his hands in the air a few …. Req: hi! jungkook sick with the flu or a bad cold or something and the other members taking care of him please! Warning: none?(as always pls let me know if i missed something) Pairing: Jungkook x ot7 caretakers. Tremmett christmas sickfic: sorry if this isn’t good I was just bored and I’m writing it rather quickly. # and when i have been i haven't been able to think of any prompts. Ichirou - Maybe I'm just desensitized to bad outfits at this point, but I don't hate the Buster Bros clothing with every fiber of my being. Part 7 of Haikyuu!! Sickfic Compilation. every time I try, every time I win. Sickfic writer, Whump, Dhani Harrison, The Beatles, wolves and orcas, Equestrian, mclennon, book hoarder, reader/writer. It was way too loud for her dizzying headache, so she groaned and sunk her head into adriens chest. Dib caring for Zim while the two are in college. IF IT’S ME YOU NEED TO TURN TO, WE’LL GET BY. **The Primary Reason Tony Stark Would Throw Down With an Anti-Vaxxer in the Street by caraminha Word count: 12,946 (1/1) Summary: Prompt from my Tumblr: Have you heard of tetanus? I’m studying it for school and it’s got lots of angst potential - it causes severe, seizure like muscle spasms. “I think we need to get you somewhere warm. Summary: "My stomach isn’t feeling so great. "Alya! Stop that and go get her a cold, wet cloth, her fever is way to high!" Alya did what Adrien told her and he put the cloth on her forehead to. raichukaiju: RaiKaiBubble Shop | Redbubble. Discover more posts about emetophilia, vomiting, emeto kink, queasy, emeto tw, stomach ache, and emeto. His insides have been doing flips all day and he knows he's losing this battle against a stomach flu. This would be bad enough, but when Peter starts getting seriously ill on top of that, it all goes to shit. That was the time limit given to Nekoma-gumi in the form of a simple text. Their prompt was: Even though Spock has a super-duper immune system, he somehow comes down with a …. Okay!!! I'm finally back in a writing kick! If you want a short send it in I've got time today. The land is ravaged as a result of the bombings and the survivors avoid rebuilding major cities, for fear of prompting further attacks on humanity. So if you write sickfic, emeto, or. A thin line of sweat shining on their forehead. Favorites will be starred and notes will …. His stomach gurgled again, and Jesse put his free hand to the distended and painful flesh of his bloated belly. osomatsu san osomatsu san angst ichimatsu sickfic sick character mononucleosis. Fun little thought: Character A is so very miserable but still stubborn enough to avoid confrontation of their obviously sick state. icantstoppuking reblogged this from vile-bile-lizard. Favorite sickfic trope: I'm a big fan of tummy aches in general… but my favorite trope has to be when the more tougher, less affectionate character falls sick and gets taken care of, complete with lots of affection. I also enjoy playing comuter games, mainly RPGs. Stay underneath my wing by sircantus. There was a knock on his hotel door. #mha #bnha #bnha fanfic #mha fanfiction #bnha fanfiction #fanfic #mha fanfic #sickfic #mha sickfic More you might like. If it’s on this blog, I like it. 1heartsickfics sorry i can’t afford another bad week ya’ll sickficenthusiast Please come through for me I never repost shit jojowritesstuff Week’s almost over but hey, cannot hurt right? cupcakes-and-pain Don’t ever hesitate. For a moment, Bel worried that they'd be there all day as he continued to fight it. Mar 2, 2022 - Explore Caelan Ryley's board "Sickfic Prompts" on Pinterest. — sɪᴄᴋғɪᴄ ᴅɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ ᴘʀᴏᴍᴘᴛs #2. To escape, they must delve through Lance’s memories. Character B is their estranged childhood best friend. 🌻 infinity 🌻 — taking seventeen sickfic and hurt/comfort requests 1. tells the members to ignore him when they find him though they usually just end up joining him with cuddles. minors please please please dni. giving sickie a shower when theyre too exhausted to do it themselves, washing their hair as they sit quietly in the shower and let the water run over them, they gag and spit up a mouthful of vomit that runs down the drain with the water, taking pity on them and getting them out of the shower to dry off with a fluffy towel and get dressed in warm …. "If you mention food one more time, I swear I will eviscerate you. I'm emeto and anime trash, so those will be my main focus. A blog dedicated to appreciate the pairing of Momo x Ochako! Also, yall can come chat with me about YaorUraka, Momo, Ochako, or Bnha! Ask me about headcanons, cute YaorUraka ideas, anything! Don't be. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit;. By the time it ends, Peter’s legs are too weak to support himself, his energy totally spent. Anonymous She-Ra she-ra princess of power SPOP catra adora catradora. beauty queen on a silver screen, Wendy’s LU Sickfic Recc List. An ongoing collection of sickfic one-shots and ficlets (three chapters or less) involving all characters. See a recent post on Tumblr from @flyingjemsaucer about SICKFIC. ” Claudette shut their eyes, reaching for a grain of zen, and finding only more of the same sick, swirling discomfort in the pit of their stomach. The cynical Max will have to survive annoyingly cheerful counselor David, the weird cast of campers, and bizarre surprises at every turn before he can escape for home. You rarely got sick but this is what happens when you did. 5/5 paperback, 387 pages I've been debating so hard on rating this book because I am really not into chick-lit novels (like, almost at all). That not only keeps the site free but it produces a ton of awesome stuff for you to enjoy. He just failed to mention one minor issue before coming to visit at the lake house for the weekend. Send me asks; I love to talk! I am 18+. For a moment, Bel worried that they’d be there all day as he continued to fight it. #haikyuu #haikyuu!! #sick #flu #fluff #haikyuu sickfic #sickfic #no ship #kunimi #kunimi akira #request #im so sorry i took so long #i took years #flu sickfic #no emeto More you might like. chickwiththepurpleguitar said: Hi :D WFW (90s or fixed 2020), juke, cough and cuddles, pleeeeease ;) thank friend Answer: I shouldn’t have called these drabbles. sitting down for an episode of adventure time, the funny cartoon about a boy and a talking dog and magical princesses. Sorry I took such a long break from tumblr. ""I feel fine," Lan Zhan says, a blatant lie. Day 4: Sickfic + “You need to rest. Namjoon was sweating, his breaths labored. Tumblr Prompt; Sickfic; Summary. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT KIND OF WRITER YOU ARE YOU CAN BE WRITING: POEMS, FANFICS, IDK NORMAL FICS, NOVELS, SHORT STORIES, IDK ANYTHING!! JUST REBLOG!!!. Summary: When Ned fails to get Peter to rest, he goes to the one person he knows will get Peter to listen: Tony Stark. ) Character A thinks they’re just feeling warm because of the high temperature around them but they’re really developing a fever. oc sickfic commissioned by @depression-vents. These One-Shots are all SickFics. Never did Kaito think there would be a moment where Kokichi willingly showed weakness to him, even once they were in a relationship. (Link can be whatever you published your work, from tumblr to ao3 to even an actual server channel if you’re more comfortable that way) Example thanks to @phis-corner participation in Trope Tussle 2021: Once they have been sent to my dms, I’ll publish them in the official event channel in the server and they’ll count as participation. Prompt: Did you say you were taking Connor prompts?What if Connor's thirium 310 got badly tainted before his systems pick up on it and he ends up weirdly nauseated and throwing up like a human bug and Hank has to keep making sure Connor keeps replenishing his thirium even though Connor can't keep itdown until his systems are nearly completely purged leaving Connor. Words: 279, Chapters: 2/?, Language: English. I imagined a kind of cute AU: sickfic with god!dream and mortal!tommy. kindness, and happiness, now dull with sadness and pain, his hair was slicked down and stuck to. Additional Tags: Missing Scene, Sickfic, Glass Lung (Cris Tales), Forehead Kisses, Willhelm has a spiky outside and a marshmallow core, Quadruple Drabble Summary: “Decades of magical expertise and here I am,” he grumbles as Cristopher takes slow sips, “relegated to playing nursemaid for a would-be warrior who doesn’t even know to keep. This is basically a friendship story, but there’s slight Geraskier if you want to read it that way. the tagging system doesn’t just exist for you to get your post out to as many users as you can. Frank (information and advice on drugs):0800776600. Miraculous Ladybug Fic Recs - Reveals Most are more on the fluff side but there is a bit of angst as well. 24 Double click for delete hashtag. fic-writings been difficult but I could post some more art n stuff!!!. There’s so much potential in combining sickfics with wild AUs that don’t typically scream sickfic. The pain, visual disturbances, speech difficulties, and loss of consciousness. Basically, to use these prompts, you replace character A and B (One or two have C and D as well) with the names of the characters you want to … DA: 40 PA: 68 MOZ Rank: 11. A mind-melding exercise goes wrong, and the five Paladins are now trapped in Lance’s mind. Nerdsnz Answer B/NHA snzfic sneeze kink snezblr sickfic sick H/izashi E/raserMic 26 notes Feb 1, 2022. puts on his earphones for both of you and plays a lullaby. matchablossom-sickfic liked this fantasticcolorcloudflap liked this learningshelfcontrol reblogged this from wtf-is-reality. PRO TIP FOR THE SICKFIC + WHUMP COMMUNITY Have you managed to read every single fic listed on ao3 as "sickfic" or "hurt/comfort" for all your favorite fandoms, but still find yourself thirsty for. Pretty (Fluff/Angsty) You sat at the club with Fez, drawn tightly to his side. posted on Jan 11th '22 with 1 note • bothersome-edgar liked this. Five Things Yuri Plisetsky Loves Very Loudly (and a quiet one who loves him back) come here & overwhelm me. chan wants to protect you at all costs and hates that you have to experience this. a short fluffy sickfic for sweet Molls because she most definitely didn’t request it @lanawinters-ily. this list was last updated on 3/12/22. Additional Tags: Tony Stark Has A Heart, Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker’s Parental Figure, Peter Parker Acts Like a Spider, Sick Peter Parker, Sickfic, Sicktember 2021, Ned Leeds is a Good Bro, Awesome May Parker (Spider-Man). A slapped the hand away, “I feel fine”. A/N: Sorry this took so long, and I got a bit lazy in the end heh, my writing has honestly been dreadful lately but happy reading and stay tuned. But sickfic for me holds a lot of comfort more than anything and though the sick parts are great, so is the comfort so I try to balance this out (although damn I. Sickfic Corner Hey Guys, nice to meet you! Call me Terry. But it was interface or fail the mission, and Richard never failed the mission. RaiKaiBubble is an independent artist creating amazing designs for great products such as t-shirts, stickers, posters, and phone cases. Or at least gives you a migraine. I based Connor’s feelings towards Hank off of Hank’s feelings towards Connor in the game, so if it comes off as a bit harsh or hateful I’m sorry. Rubbing their eyes with a groan, they pulled themselves upright against vertigo. Sneezing (1343) Sickfic (556) Humor (510) Comedy (466) Sick Character (300) Fluff (248) Fever (228) Hurt/Comfort (211) Allergies (200) Coughing (195) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Alright, so I’ve been fleshing this out in my head for a while now, so heres a fic about Cade and his self-esteem issues as of late. To Rise, To Fall - ningguang character study & traveler sickfic multichap (ongoing!) Lumine collapses after the battle of Osial, and Ningguang finds herself transfixed by the city's foreign savior. bakugou x reader sick的評價和優惠,在PINTEREST、YOUTUBE和這樣回答,找bakugou x reader sick在在PINTEREST、YOUTUBE就來全聯商品經驗網路分享指南,有 商品老實說的推薦. ~requests open~ If you want you can take my one shots and make them a entire fanfic but please give me credits. - “accidentally” sneezing on people when you have a cold - blowing into things which are not tissues or hankies (shirts, towels Jan 11, 2022 · I’m tempted to write another sickfic sort of deal because I can’t stop sneezing and had an idea [REDACTED] help #thank you staff for the meme opportunity. i also write some non ‘illness related’ fics that i might post on here, but this is just generally gonna be a sickfic blog. Every time Stephen exhaled, and there was that pause, that beat, that stillness, Loki’s own breath stopped. Niall awoke, sweating and his stomach churning. He brushed his concerns off with mild annoyance; he wasn't Hinata. Comments: Sickfic, lots of angst. Summary: After a stressful battle, Peter endures another round of his mutation. 5/5 paperback, 387 pages I’ve been debating so hard on rating this book because I am really not into chick-lit novels (like, almost at all). Get dressed, brush teeth, message Fitz, eat. Alright, so I've been fleshing this out in my head for a while now, so heres a fic about Cade and his self-esteem issues as of late. I've been…pretty into Allurance lately. 2 years ago, 409 notes memes whump writing mom says it's my turn to shitpost sickfics wait does anyone use that term anymore; nonamehereimlurking liked this. "Percy, open the door", Came her warning voice from the hall, "I'm fine" I called back between dry heaves,"just puking!" Annabeth-. As for mental disorders, I have sensory processing disorder and executive dysfunction. A Horror & sickfic writer — Anemo Archon’s sick day.