hiv test after 3 months is conclusive. Therefore, if the initial negative HIV test was conducted within the first 3 months after possible exposure, repeat testing should be considered . 3) CD4 counts can vary that much within a matter of hours. Hiv rapid tests at end of 7months accurate or. BUT you are not a statistic, so to be safe, check again at 6 months. Hi drs, are negative results with hiv 4th gen antibody/antigen test and hiv rna ( so negative with both these tests) at exactly 4 weeks considered conclusive? Dr. Test results always outweigh symptoms and other forms of risk assessment. During this "window period" you may not test positive for HIV even if you are infected. I took 7 oraquick home hiv test all negative starting from 2. HIV does not lie dormant, ARS symptoms can't occur 3 months after. The guideline states 3 months is conclusive and all you forum users please don't freak out reading posts like this, understand that there's a logical reasoning to support the 12 week's being conclusive. Just a couple quick questions before I transfer you. Why do I need to repeat a 28. An additional HIV test should be offered to all persons at 3 months (12 weeks) to definitively exclude HIV infection. Patients at lower risk may opt to wait until 3 months to avoid the need for HIV testing twice. Beyond Anxious need advice FIRST TIME HERE!!! HIV testing. Whether or not a test is conclusive depends on the window period for that test – i. Three months after a possible exposure is a usually sufficient, especially if there were no symptoms. CBC would show nothing for HIV. The fact that you also had negative tests at 6 and 8 months post-exposure CONFIRM this finding and it means that you are free and clear from HIV. Antibiotics and Hepatitis vaccination have no influence on HIV results. Those tests should not have been done and you should ignore the results. Persons at high risk who initially test negative should be retested 3 months after exposure to confirm results. I have been HIV tested four times since the encounter, the most recent 3 months. The HIV test you have taken has come back negative. Are my results conclusive and I am free from HIV? Doctor's Assistant: The HIV Doctor can help. Is Hiv Test At 3 Months Conclusive? In the three months following the three-month window, HIV tests are more than 99 percent. Patients should not be made to wait 3 months (12 weeks) before . some days ago I go to lab for HIV testing,the lab guys took blood by a syringe from my left arm,and gave me result after 3 hours,it was negative. Can type 1 diabetes cause a false negative hiv test i tested for hiv ab ag at 3 months negative and hiv1,2 at 6mnths negative is it conclusive? Does anyone here know about people who tested HIV positive after a 3 months negative test. Ive been tested multiple times, by different clinics, and labs. HIV Testing (3 MONTHS VS, 6 MONTHS TESTING ) Jan 17, 2007. I may not be visitng the forum for quite some time. I originally visited a sex worker and had unprotected oral and protected vaginal. HIV antibodies at 3 or 6 months. At 11 weeks, there is no need for additional testing. I had the following test done at respective days after the exposure: (1) HIV 1 Viral Load (PCR) Test (Cobas Taqman HIV 1) Version 2. Tests 3 months after exposure . When deciding if three months is definitive or "definitive enough," HIV specialists take into account the likelihood of infection. No one needs to test further after 3 months. With 4th generation tests this is . Related: All topics, HIV testing, HIV transmission. Approximately 95 percent of people will develop HIV antibodies by 6 weeks, and 99 percent of people will have them 3 months after exposure. the 5th month test was taken from normal clinic near my house and another from. If the ELISA test is negative at three months or more after an exposure, the individual is extremely likely to be HIV negative. From your history, it is highly unlikely that you have HIV, if you have not had subsequent high risk exposure since then. The window period lasts for 4 to 6 weeks but occasionally up to 3 months after HIV exposure. Since the window period ranges significantly with these tests, a negative result at 6 weeks may be conclusive, but in some cases, it can also be a false negative. There will still be rare cases where someone is HIV positive and not picked up. In your case -- "unprotected sex with a known HIV+ person" -- the. b) Both negative 4th generation test and the antibody screening test on August ruled out HIV 2 as well beyond any doubts. I'm so much thankful for that I would like to know the test about 4th gen Elisa test antigen-antibody on exact 6th month and 2 days which came negativeand on 5th month I did immunochromatography test which is negativeI took these two test from different place in order to be sure. Search: Hiv test after 1 year conclusive. HIV test can show infection in most people W/I 3 months (average of 25 days to build HIV antibodies). If you are tested outside of a health care setting or lab (such as at a community-based organization, mobile testing van, or elsewhere) you will likely receive a rapid HIV test (oral fluid or finger stick. Rapid tests are considered conclusive after 3 months. 91 days after exposure I got HIV test again for confirmation, the result is negative. I can't understand your frustration, honestly. They will detect the great majority of individuals who have been infected with HIV at one month (4 weeks) after specific exposure. If you learned you were HIV-negative the last time you were tested, you can only be sure you're still negative if you haven't had a potential HIV exposure since your last test. If you desire you can go for tests after 6 months to allay fears. The oraquick tests are 3rd generation test kits. The long window periods of 10 years is unheard of and the longest in my knowledge is about one year. FAQ: How soon after risky sex can you be sure you. Is a Negative HIV Test at 6 Weeks Conclusive? It’s also a good idea to consider a repeat test 3 months after an initial exposure, or the end of the window period, and another 3 months after. HIV is a serious condition, but with effective treatment it's possible to prevent complications and live comfortably. Therefore, if the initial negative HIV test was conducted within the first 3 months after possible exposure, repeat testing should be considered >3 months after the exposure occurred to account for the possibility of a false-negative result HIV RNA testing, or RNA testing, is conclusive 10 days post-contact. 2) There is no need for further testing at 3 months or any other time. You may need to repeat the test more than 3 months after your possible exposure if your . The skin lesion seems to be non STD skin condition like. The early symptoms of HIV can mimic other health issues, like the flu and a common cold. Some HIV tests can conclusively detect the virus in as little as 6 weeks, but it depends on a person's immune system and the type of test that's done. how long it takes from a virus entering the body for the test to be . When are hiv 4th gen tests considered conclusive for negative results ? There seems to be some confusion and a lot of misinformation on the web. In rare cases, HIV positive people will not be picked up by health care providers. Patients attending for HIV testing who identify a specific risk occurring more that 4 weeks previously, should not be made to wait 3 months (12 weeks) before HIV testing. Is Negative HIV 1 DNA PCR Test Result After 3 Months Of. If a person gets tested for HIV within 3 months of being exposed to the virus and the result is negative, the Department of Health & Human Services recommends getting tested again in another 3 months. 3 months post exposure is conclusive. HIV tests after the 3 month window are more than 99. If you know exactly when you may have come into contact with the virus, take a test 3 months after that date. If the risk of HIV contamination is high, the primary negative immune assessment and the virologic test should be retaken 1-2 weeks after the initial testing for more conclusive results 3 HIV antigen/antibody combined test’s negative and HIV viral load test’s positive results are indicating early HIV infections. In 99% of people who are tested within 13 to 42 days of exposure, newer antigen/antibody combination tests (also known as “fourth generation” tests) can detect HIV. I had HIV test (ELISA) after 2,4,10,12 & 15 week intervals all are shows negative results (HIV antibody comb test,rapid test and also after 12 . Some people take longer to develop antibodies against HIV. Is A Tridot HIV Test Done Post 3 Months Of Exposure. I HAD SEX WITH A WOMEN ON 24 DEC 2018. Are Hiv Test Conclusive At 3 Months? Tests of antibodies can be performed between 3 weeks and 3 months after they are received. Color change in Nail is not significant and not pathological. so please tell me that are there any kind of HIV test reliable and conclusive after window period????thank you. I don't know what type of test they did and it was at 96th day after my last risk?. I took a combo test (hiv 1/2) many times through 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 weeks. When is a hiv test conclusive? Text Only. Just to be clear, it is the activities one engages in that puts them at risk of HIV transmission, and not who they are. There is no "international HIV testing authority" that we refer to (it would be great if that. But your test results prove HIV isn't the reason. Answer (1 of 7): Generally, 90 days after your last HIV test, and assuming you have had no potential contact with HIV (sexual or sharing of injection equipment such as syringes), the test is considered definitive. I guess the amount of HIV positive people is . The 3 months test is most likely conclusive but for peace of mind it is best to do the 6 months ELFA test. It seems to me that either the 3-month test is conclusive or it's not, regardless of the activity that preceded it. Official HIV testing guidelines deem 12 weeks (3 months) for results to be completely conclusive. However, some would advise having another AgAb blood test at 6 Read More. Is A 3 Month Negative Hiv Test Conclusive? In the three months following the three-month window, HIV tests are more than 99 percent. Answer (1 of 6): 4th gen rapid test is considered conclusive after 4 weeks in Europe and Singapore and no one ever turned positive later! Some guidelines tend to take ultra conservative positions and recommend 3 months window for legal reasons especially in countries where suing anyone for anythi. Sir if hiv test after 50 days negative then now required any. The current, most up-to-date guidelines state that an HIV test taken 3 months/12 weeks/84 days post an exposure is definite and conclusive. You test at 3 months because you could pass it along between 3 and 6 months. Yes, conclusive: All available HIV tests, including rapid tests, usually are conclusive any time after 6-8 weeks and always by 3 months. However, HIV tests are one of the more accurate tests for any medical infection. I did 4th gen hiv test 41 days later, results were negative. infact WHO recommends that the 3 month test be considered as conclusive in those patients who dont have the above conditions like hepatitis C etc. All the rest of the information you provide makes no difference. This means that we could not find any HIV antibodies in your blood sample. Most rapid tests and self-tests are antibody tests. I re assure you that in your case it will be normal. Five weeks (37 days) after the exposure, I got HIV test and the result was negative. About year 1 Hiv after conclusive test. A negative test at three months after an initial test will almost always mean a person does not have HIV, given there's been no risk of HIV transmission in . So it's happening because your mind is trying to relate every symptom with HIV. INFECTED WITH SOME STD INFECTION I CONSULT DOCTOR (GENERAL PHY) HE TOLD ME TO TAKE TEST FOR ( HIV AND VRDL) ON 1 FEB 2019 (AFTER 38 DAYS OF EXPOSURE)RESULT IS NON REACTIVE 2. Test system: hiv ag/ab cjmbo abbott architect. Using a sensitive antigen/antibody HIV test, of those who are infected, most will test positive at 1 month; almost all will test positive at 3 months; and the rest will test positive at 6 months. The issue is if you keep worrying about HIV, which is NOT THERE, you will end up being in bad health due to excessive anxiety, and develop insomnia, reflux, hypertension, e. They work for all types and subtypes of HIV. It would mean a test should be repeated at 6 months. A point-of-care HIV test (or rapid HIV test) is an antibodies test available in some BC hospitals. Early testing could result in a false-negative result. Please help me dissemintate this information to others who need this. The CDC person you spoke to is stupid and knows nothing. Whether or not your partner had HIV, and regardless of how high risk she might have been, the test result proves you weren't infected. HIV-antibody tests are considered conclusive when taken anytime after (even many years later) the seroconversion window period (usually defined as the first three months after exposure). Secondly, a 3rd generation HIV test after 3 months is considered CONCLUSIVE and if it comes back as negative, it means that the patient is FREE and CLEAR of HIV and does NOT need to repeat the test. 1) Yes, your test results are conclusive. Is this your first time reaching out for information about this? Yeah. This is posted all over the internet. How accurate is 3 months HIV test? Tests 3 months after exposure should be 99%. These show that some samples pick up a positive test result after only a week and some after more than a month, but that most are positive for the p-24 antigen at around 15 days. Is a Negative HIV Test at 6 Weeks Conclusive? Answers and More. Folliculitis started two weeks after the exposure at edge of hairline of neck. An antibody/antigen test that uses blood from a vein can find HIV 18 to 45 days after you’re exposed to the virus. If you decide to test after 13 weeks, then it necessarily again for the peace of mind. If an individual can identify a specific incident of HIV exposure in the three months prior to HIV testing (i. HIV tests done after 12 weeks came negative for you. This is the other reason why even though the 4th Generation (aka Combo) test is supposed to be conclusive at 28 days, at 3 weeks when a patient is negative, we . I've had a negative HIV tests at month six and. If 3/100 people will go past 3 months, then it can hardly be called "conclusive". It's also a good idea to consider a repeat test 3 months after an initial exposure, or the end of the window period, and another 3 months . HIV can be treated with them regardless of its type or subtypes. Is 3 months HIV test conclusive? HIV tests after the 3 month window are more than 99. A negative result cannot be considered conclusive if the most recent risk of exposure to HIV occurred within the past 3 months. It is always better to have a protected sex in future. The local private hospital doctor advised me for HIV test. Asked for Male, 32 Years 1608 Views v. One recommended strategy is to get tested 2-4 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months after a risky exposure. Where appropriate, tests for 6 weeks is obviously a good sign, and you have HIV. Second opinion] I tested negative with a RAPID HIV TEST (3rd Generation) multiple times at 3 and 6 months after having oral sex. Otherwise we have to review the diagnosis of the condition. Don't have any more tests unless and until you may be . Ive been told so many different sides of information of when a HIV test can fully rule out HIV infections. This was the old CDC guideline, which isn't what Dr, Francisco says (said). In all of your HIV-antibody tests, you have consistently been negative for HIV up to seven months. This is because it takes time for the body to develop antibodies to HIV. can it take longer than 6 months to test positive for hiv? 2. Conclusive HIV test: Most HIV experts consider this combination of test results to be conclusive at 4 weeks. been infected with HIV at one month (4 weeks) after specific exposure”. How Accurate Is A Rapid Hiv Test After 3 Months? – ucsf. Why owould they use the test if it wasnt reliable?. I suggest to do x-ray chest and ESR to rule out the cause. Newer antigen/antibody combination tests (you might hear them called “fourth. But 3 months post exposure is considered conclusive. Depending on the specific test (or combination of tests), the results are always conclusve by 1-3 months after the last exposure. Your results prove you did not Read More. HIV tests detect antibodies — the immune system's response to infection However, for some people it may take longer — up to three months . Sometimes testing at 3 months post exposure is good enough but this really depends on what kind of test is done. In general, antibody tests that use blood from a vein detect HIV sooner after infection than tests done with blood from a finger prick or with oral fluid. Related: All topics, HIV transmission. Your negative OraQuick HIV test at two years is accurate, definitive, conclusive and WOO-HOO-able. My Dr wants to retest the 18th one more time that would be 60 days post possible exposure with an insti test. I do not see the need for test again after 6 months. My troath infection was cured with antibiotics but the yeast infection took a while to get rid of. Oral thrush in buccal cavity may be due to cunnilingus is a possibility without HIV. It’s also a good idea to consider a repeat test 3 months after an initial exposure,. ” This is the period of time between the onset of infection with HIV and the appearance of detectable antibodies to the virus. 5 months post a risky exposure sufficient for a negative result ? Have you ever heard of a negative after this time span switching to positive ? Can hiv just show up after many negative. " - BASHH (emphasis mine) So, in a nutshell, according to the UK Guidelines, the rapid HIV Combo/Duo test is not conclusive at 28 days. Some people may not produce enough p-24 antigen for the test to pick this up though, so together with the antibody response, the combined test are still more than 95%. Negative DUO test after 13 weeks and 4 months definitely ruled out HIV 1&2 beyond any doubt. 3% of tests (3 tests in every 1000) will be a false negative after 3 months. In rare cases, it can take longer than three months. And boils and similar skin infections aren't an indication of HIV anyway. Most people infected with HIV do not know that they have become infected. You slide the button to set the amount of days past exposure for a 4th generation test. 42 views Answered Sep 21, 2020. No test can detect the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) just after an infection. Sir if hiv test after 50 days negative then now required any test. I have a headache only sometimes when I work on the computer late night. Second opinion] 4 weeks Post PEP (8 weeks Post Exposure) Alere Determine HIV1/2 Antibody only Test NEGATIVE. But to date i have not seen a person who was negative at 3 months have a positive test result at 6 months. Based on this calculation, there is 8% possibility of result being false negative. HIV test conclusive after 3 months. However it is rare and you should not be concerned about it. Around 90-95% conclusive based on current research, repeat an antigen/antibody test 45 days after the exposure event for conclusive results. Accuracy Hiv Test After 3 Months HIV Rapid Test Accuracy. Which Hiv Test Is Best After 3 Months? Tests of antibodies can be performed between 3 weeks and 3 months after they are received. Friction cut that I hadn't noticed until after cleanup. The early warning signs of HIV infection can mimic the flu. How accurate are HIV tests? Some tests can. The accuracy of medical tests is very low. history of occupational exposure, . Is a hiv test negative at 10 weeks after exposure considered conclusive and does pep effect test results HotR718 posted: I had unprotected sex with woman born with hiv 4 or 5 times on July 31st. Yes, conclusive: These tests are conclusive any time 6 weeks or more after the last possible exposure. Three months post exposure is when one could obtain a conclusive and reliable negative test result. A 3 month negative test may be repeated at 6 month point to pick up on situations in which it takes longer to develop antibodies to HIV. HIV symptoms after 10 months I'm having HIV symptoms 10 months after possible exposure -- hives, shortness of breath, facial wasting and herpes. Is it 15 week HIV antibodies test is conclusive for negative. To say that a 4 generation test can detect as soon as 3 weeks after exposure isn't saying very much. Fourth-generation HIV tests can reliably detect the virus as soon as 1 month after a person has contracted it, and may also be deemed conclusive. pdf Page 11 #4 In an adult, a positive HIV antibody test result means that the person is infected, a person with a negative or inconclusive result may be in the "window for 4 to 6 weeks but occasionally up to 3 months after HIV exposure. 4 days later she told me she was born with hiv. The window period lasts for 4 to 6 weeks but occasionally up to 3 months. To get to the point, i was new to the idea and acts of sexual activity, after a possible exposure (I'll. There is nothing abnormal about your results. How Accurate Is Hiv Test After 3 Months? In the three months following the three-month window, HIV tests are more than 99 percent. is hiv test accurate after 8 months? 3. I do not have a fever, diarrhea or weight loss. The majority of people will have antibodies after 6 weeks, and 99% after 3 months. Is an HIV test conclusive after 3 months? MD I took an hiv test on the 27th of August, last unprotected sexual encounter was late January/early February of this year, a couple of weeks before February 27th. Very few medical tests have 100% accuracy. Is a hiv swab test conclusive at 8 or 9 months ? Do I still need to get tested for HIV at 6 months even after testing negative conclusively on my 3rd month? or am. Some HIV tests may need to be repeated 1-3 months after exposure to HIV . How Accurate Is Hiv Test After 1 Month? HIV can be detected 18 to 45 days after exposure to the virus with an antibodies/antigen test that uses blood from a vein. Hiv Test Conclusive After 3 Months. HIV tests are considered accurate, reliable and conclusive after 12 weeks, no matter which country you live in or how many times you test. In your case, a negative 4th gen test at 1 month and a negative 3rd gen test at 3 months are conclusive. Testes day 10 with a normal blood drawn test and insti test both negative. Even HIV patients take good 2-3 years to develop symptoms. I have a red pimple on my body no more but 3 to 4 and this hides after 1 to 2 days. So I took another hiv test after six months post exposure on the 22nd of april 2013 (almost 28 weeks after last exposure). He/She is reading off of a script. So after 15 months of exposure, I went to a doctor to check my problem. After 3 months are all true negative tests negative? Please I'm very scared because I only had one HIV test after 3 months but what if it was a false negative? I cant get this idea out of my mind and I'm afraid I have it but it didn't show up on the rapid test. is hiv test after 3 months conclusive? 1: At 3 months, 4th generation hiv testing kits detect around 99. Conclusive at 4+ wk: That test is conclusive any time 4 weeks or more after exposure. What is the "Window period"?. Infectious Disease 54 years experience. Former advice about testing at. In rare instances, a person with a negative or inconclusive result may be in the “window period. Detailed Answer: Hi Thank you for follow up query. INFECTED WITH SOME STD INFECTION I CONSULT DOCTOR ( . FOR 2ND OPINION I CONSULT ANOTHER DOCTOR (SEXOLOGIST) HE TOLD ME TO TEST FOR ALL. Yes, HIV testing at 5 months always is conclusive. I tested for all stds at 3 months all negative. HIV cmia test conclusive at 3 months A 25-year-old female asked: Doctor please help i wanna ask after 5 month my hiv cmia combo test negative but before that i feel many hiv symptoms like tonsillitis skin itchy rash fever and viginals bumps why some doctors ask for pcr test to prove hiv negative conclusive? Dr. 3&4) Symptoms (such as a white-coated tongue and your 2kg weight loss) usually occur 2-6 weeks after infection, but because HIV symptoms mirror many other viral infections, such as the flu, they are not indicative of HIV. If you learned you were HIV-negative the last time you were tested, you can only be sure you’re still negative if you haven’t had a potential HIV exposure since your last test. 4th generation hiv test accuracy after 2 weeks exposure. Some have the concept of 6 months. Is rapid negative HIV1/2 test at 3 months conclusive for someone who was sticked by needle that may have contained blood with HIV? Thanks! Answer. If the HIV tests are done at the appropriate window periods a negative test can be considered conclusive. However, for conclusive testing we would advise a 4th generation test at 28 days or more post exposure, or a 3rd generation test from 3 months or more. Antibody Test—An antibody test can take 23 to 90 days to detect HIV infection after an exposure. Very few medical tests have 100% . You are absolutely right, the modern testing methods are able to give highly accurate results in a shorter period of time. The colored bars indicate the number of positive cell cultures per ct per week after infection (1 to 3 weeks). An individual can be positively tested with the INSTI HIV test after 21-22 days after infection, but it can take up to 3 months for a . Antibody screening test (immunoassay): For this test, you give a sample of oral fluid or blood, which is then tested for HIV antibodies. 01% is just a statistical error) "International testing guidelines for HIV testing state results can be considered conclusive at/after 3 months. Afterwards in march I got a throath infection and vaginal yeast infection. 99% which is approximated as 100%. I also handed RNA (hiv 1/2) with a sensitvity of 20 copies 1, 2, 3 month. Your test at the 3 months mark proves you weren't infected with HIV at the time you had the test. My hiv rapid test after 7 months is negative and also hiv western blot at 4 month was also negative, is hiv test conclusive sir as I am having many infections in body. I'm waiting another month to get tested, then there will be the the awful wait for my results. is hiv negative at 6 months conclusive? 4. Ask your health care provider or test. a) Lal path lab is one of the reputed labs in XXXXXXX HIV Chemiluminescence (HIV P24 Antigen and Antibody 1 and 2 test) is a 4th generation test and is very much reliable to the extent of 99% and above, that too, after 6 months. Depending on your circumstances, perhaps routine testing every 3-6 months . Test ONLY IF you've had unprotected vaginal/anal sex or shared needles for injecting IV drugs since your last HIV test. In the weeks after exposure to HIV, the immune system recognises some components of the virus and begins to generate HIV antibodies in order . So if your HIV test results are negative, then you are HIV negative. 96% of the the the 3 month test is accurate. I've never had these issues before this sex exposure. With antibody-only tests (3rd generation) only 0. The 4th generation HIV test has the 6 weeks to 3 months: HIV, hepatitis C and B. Day 28 another insti negative test. No need to retest no need to do anything else other then get back to normal life. ) If the test comes back negative, and you haven’t had a possible exposure during the previous 3 months, you can be confident you don’t have HIV. The reason for high neutrophils and low lymphocytes is definitely some infection but not HIV because your test result is 100% reliable and conclusive as it was done after 3 months of exposure so no need to go for PCR test. Question Is a negative test after three months accurate? 16 January 2018. pdf Page 11 #4 In an adult, a positive HIV antibody test result means that the person is infected, a person with a negative or inconclusive result may be in the “window for 4 to 6 weeks but occasionally up to 3 months after HIV exposure. Keep in mind that it takes the body several weeks or even months to produce those antibodies, so immunoassays used in most labs today (known as third generation) can detect the virus about 23 days after exposure. As for why you have boils, I have no idea. This is all based on statistical risk analysis and large-scale. The guidelines actually stressed the need for an additional HIV test at 3 months after. ) If the test comes back negative, and you haven't had a possible exposure during the previous 3 months, you can be confident you don't have HIV. This is the period of time between the onset of infection with HIV and the appearance of detectable antibodies to the virus. generation negative result at 41 days turn positive at 3 months (given that . Hunter Handsfield answered Infectious Disease 54 years experience Conclusive HIV test: Most HIV experts consider this combination of test results to be conclusive at 4 weeks. If you suspect you have the disease, get tested ASAP. that a 4th generation test after 3 months is conclusive to rule out HIV. most people will develop detectable antibodies within 3 months after infection. If you get an HIV test within 3 months after a potential HIV exposure and the result is negative, get tested again in 3 more months to be sure. These are the symptoms to look out for. Is a negative test after three months accurate?. Test 13 weeks after the last possibleExposure are not conclusive, but the CDC reports after the test after 3 Monts to be reliable. 0 at 3 days after exposure – Result: HIV1 RNA not detected (2) Immuno Assay RNA Viral Load RT – PCR (Taqman Real Time PCR) at 6 days after exposure – Results: HIV1-RNA not detected. In my country, doctors recommend to do a hiv test after 3, 6, 12 month after contact. 4 weeks Post PEP (8 weeks Post Exposure) Alere Determine.